Progress to date

A deliverable solution to Western Rail Link to Heathrow was first identified by Slough Borough Council working firstly under the umbrella of the Berkshire Strategic Transport Forum. Slough is now leading on the project for Thames Valley Berkshire LEP.

Work to date

A number of documents have been commissioned to investigate the feasibility and deliverability of rail access to Heathrow from the west.

These include:

  • Strategy for sustainable western transport access to Heathrow, SEEDA (2009)
  • Feasibility and option appraisal, Atkins (2009)
  • Economic Impact Study, Atkins (2011)

The project has been included in a number of Government and sector planning documents and public statements including:

  • London and South East Route Utilisation Strategy, Network Rail, (July 2011)
  • National Infrastructure Plan, HM Treasury, (November 2011)
  • High Speed Two announcement includes support for western rail access to Heathrow (January 2012)
  • High Level Output Specification, Network Rail, (July 2012)
  • New Secretary of State for Transport, Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin, restates departmental support for the project on taking up his post (September 2012)
  • Rt Hon Simon Burns, Minister of State for Transport includes commitment to WRAtH is speech to Airport Operators Association (October 2012)
  • Aviation Policy Framework, Department for Transport, (May 2013)
  • High level feasibility study carried out as part of GRIP 2 process, acknowledges work of Slough Borough Council and Network Rail in preparation of scheme. WRLtH emerges as a viable option.