Thames Valley Berkshire - Key Facts

Thames Valley Berkshire has the highest economic output and productivity rates outside of London (ONS GVA data, 2016) With UK-leading growth forecasts, Reading and the Thames Valley are expected to outperform the rest of the UK until 2019 (EY Region and City Growth Forecast, 2016) Berkshire has the highest concentration of digital-tech businesses in the UK (TechNation 2017)
Thames Valley Berkshire is the UK’s number one location for inclusive growth (Joseph Roundtree Foundation, 2017) Thames Valley Berkshire has the highest concentration of Foreign-Owned Companies in the UK (ONS, 2016) Nearly a quarter of firms in Berkshire undertake R&D (UK Innovation Survey 2015, BEIS) 
One in 10 jobs in Berkshire are digital-technology specialist jobs (Thames Valley Berkshire Skills Priority Statement 2016, Thames Valley Berkshire LEP)
Berkshire firms are some of the most collaborative in the UK, 59% work with others on innovation compare to the UK average of 47% (UK Innovation Survey 2015, BEIS) Berkshire has the 6th highest concentration of firms who are ‘scaling-up’ of all LEP areas (Scale-Up Institute, 2016) Berkshire is ranked second of the 38 LEP areas in terms of the proportion of employers investing in the learning and development of their staff (UK Employer Perspective Survey 2016, Department for Education)