What WRLtH delivers for Slough

  • 6 minute journey time
  • 35 minute reduction in journey time
  • 4 trains per hour, direct
  • 30,000 additional passengers
  • Up to 20,000 fewer car journeys
  • Up to 6,000 jobs created
  • Up to £40m Gross Value Added


  • GVA: £3.74 billion
  • Jobs: 83,640
  • Job vacancies: 2,073
  • Businesses: 4,746  

Why does Slough need WRAtH?

Slough is an economic success story in the south east. It is the third most productive town in the UK with an annual turnover of £9 billion and a contribution to the economy of £3.7 billion. Slough has the highest concentration of corporate headquarters in the country outside London, and is home to internationally renowned companies such as Amazon, 02 and Mars.

Businesses choose Slough because of easy access to domestic and international transport routes via the M25, M4 and Heathrow Airport. Yet despite Heathrow Airport being just 6 miles from Slough a rail journey currently takes over 40 minutes via an interchange at Hayes & Harlington.  

Businesses cite reliable and fast airport transfers as critical to their location choices. WRAtH safeguards Slough’s attractiveness for business, with a possible journey time of just 6 minutes and four trains per hour from Slough. It is predicted that over 3 million airport passengers will use Western Rail Access via Slough, as well as 500,000 employees. WRAtH would deliver the most cost effective and time effective method of travelling to Heathrow from Slough and the wider Thames Valley area.  

Congestion on the M4 and M25 heightens the need for more reliable modes of transport to Heathrow to economise leisure and business travellers time. Businesses in Slough have global reach, and it is for this reason they have chosen to locate near the UK’s hub airport, it is also why 70% of newly arrived overseas businesses locate within 60 minutes travelling time of Heathrow. WRAtH improves transport links for existing businesses in Slough and will help to attract new businesses to the town and the wider Thames Valley benefiting the local and national economy.

Slough MP Fiona Mactaggart, also supporting WRAtH says “Rail access from the west to Heathrow will expand the places in easy reach of Heathrow by public transport, bringing the prosperity that Heathrow generates to a wider circle of beneficiaries.  “It will reduce traffic on the M4, and cut business costs – a study a few years ago calculated that businesses in the Thames Valley spend £10million a year on taxis to Heathrow.  Our country needs growth and this practical improvement to our infrastructure which expands the reach of Britain’s only hub airport will boost growth”.  

These Slough businesses and organisations are supporting Western Rail Access to Heathrow:


Also supporting WRLtH:  

Slough Business Community Partnership