Berkshire Strategic Transport Forum

The Berkshire Strategic Transport Forum (BSTF) brings together the LEP, the six local transport authorities, the Department for Transport (DfT), Network Rail, the Highways Agency, Heathrow Airport Limited, and some train and bus operating companies to discuss and consult on matters of mutual interest relating to strategic transport issues in Thames Valley Berkshire. . It operates at two levels – one with elected members and business representatives, and the other with senior transport officers. The Berkshire Chief Executives’ Group has recognised the importance of these arrangements by nominating one of its members to chair the officers’ meeting and liaise with the LEP and the members.

Good strategic transport infrastructure is one of the major enablers of growth, and we want to be part of an active, informed and collective group working on behalf of the sub region talking to and partnering with other like-minded organisations and individuals.

Chairmanship of the BST Members’ Forum alternates between Cllr Tony Page (Reading Borough Council) and Charles Eales (Microsoft and LEP Forum Member).