GSK Open Evening - a Cox Green student perspective

On Thursday evening I around their factory and laboratories. First they gave a presentation on all their career options and general information about their company. What I loved about them is that they weren’t just focused on just the university route; they made you aware of all the career paths you could take ranging from post 16 placements to graduate positions from university. A group of apprentices gave a talk about their career success within GSK and how the interview process works.

Then they took all of the students on a private tour of the factory and laboratories whilst the parents stayed for a second presentation a more detailed insight into the varying levels of apprenticeships and the wide range of support within their company. This gave the parents a chance to understand the next steps we have to take as students and enabled them to have any questions answered.

Our tour lasted around 40 minutes and they showed us all the processing steps and quality control measures that the mouthwash and toothpaste go through. Once we returned to the parent’s presentation they gave everyone the chance to ask any questions and they were very useful and effective at answering the questions that they got asked. Overall, the experience I gained is very valuable and it also enabled me to meet students from other schools who have similar interests to me. One of the most eye opening things I learnt was that university isn’t the only pathway for me to achieve a degree in chemistry or physics and that an apprenticeship at GSK could not only provide me with the knowledge and skills, but they provide a huge amount of support and enthusiasm surrounding their company and employers.

29 March 2017 Skills & Employment