Skills & Employment

Although there are localised challenges in general, employment and activity rates within TVB are already high. This means that over the period of the Strategic Economic Plan, our existing workforce has a pivotal role to play in achieving our overall Vision.

We need to equip our already-employed people to play this role as well as possible, recognising that learning and training must occur throughout an individual’s working life:in an internationally connected economy, there is an ongoing need for better skills. The Berkshire Business Growth Hub can help with improving leadership and management skills as well as signposting advice and training opportunities.

We also need to recognise the value of older workers; demographic projections suggest that these will comprise an increasing proportion of the working population and many more will be willing and able to work for longer than in previous generations.

In up-skilling the existing workforce, account must be taken of the skills that businesses are seeking, now and in the future. They should also provide some basis for progression,creating a route out of the ‘in work poverty’ which affects many people, given the very high living (and especially housing) costs within TVB.

Skills Capital Projects

Thames Valley Berkshire LEP has released guidance for organisations seeking Local Growth Funds for Skills Capital Projects (SCP). The LEP’s intention is to deploy funding for SCPs that align with the economic evidence drawn from the LEP’s Skills Priority Statement, the Strategic Economic Plan and Thames Valley Area Review of Post-16 Training & Education, in particular its skills conclusions.  

The prospectus highlights the eligibility of businesses in Thames Valley Berkshire and the application process.  

Click here to read the full Skills Capital Prospectus.

Thames Valley Berkshire Skills Priority Statement

Thames Valley Berkshire’s continued economic growth depends heavily on the quality of its workforce. In light of this and in line with its Strategic Economic Plan, the LEP has published an updated Skills Priority Statement. The Statement provides an overview of the skills needed in the sub region to support and grow the economy, reviews existing learning provision, and identifies where local interventions are likely to have greatest impact in terms of addressing skills deficits.

The Statement highlights sectors and occupations that are particularly important to the Thames Valley Berkshire economy and sets out recommendations for educational institutions, career guidance professionals and employers.

Click here to read the Statement.